Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Open Heart Letter.


         Dear 15 Year old Portia,

  Its me, or i guess you, 15 years in the future. And I'm writing to you today, because I know your going through a rough patch in your life... I'm going to be 200% honest and say that this is not the worst its gonna get. But just know that after every storm comes a rainbow, so its not going to stay like this forever. The truth is you will have good days and bad days. Maybe even days that went so bad, that you are one tear drop away from just quitting everything and your gonna stop and think 'Why Am I Even Doing This' or 'I Can't Continue Doing This Anymore'. During those days, don't just quit because I promise you will regret it later, and also feel 10 times worse then you felt before. You have to tell yourself 'I'm Doing This Because I Once Believed In Myself' or 'I Can't Quit Because I Never Know If Tomorrow Is The Day Every Thing Falls In To Place'. 
  Porsh, your still learning, and I want you to grab on to God's will. I know you think he is punishing you for something you don't understand, but follow him because God is leading you down a path that you may not have expected. You will lose your way once or twice, but if you get so lost and can't find your way anymore, don't follow someone else's path. Because you know that it wasn't made for you. 
  I want to apologize for your 14th birthday, because i know all you wanted was someone to say sorry about how that turned out. This might sound nearly impossible, but you HAVE to learn to let go of the past. You can't have a better tomorrow if you're still thinking about yesterday. Its easy for us to forgive, too easy, but its always been a struggle trying to forget people who done you wrong.
  To sum all that up, just live your own life and do worry, because in 2030, everything will turn out how its suppose to be. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


  My dad and I are not always on the same level. We agree on simple things like some sports and what to eat that night, but when it comes to my future plans we bump heads. Foe example, I want to be an actress but he wants me to be come a businesswoman. My dad wants me to own multiple houses, cars, and companies. I want to have my own television show, star on movies, and maybe have my own movie series one day. He believe that I would be better off following in his steps other than following my own.
  My dad is the type that takes things too far and makes a big deal out of every little thing. My mom thinks we have the same personality, but I know that him and I are complete opposites.
  He says stop. I say go. He goes left. I go right. He believes money is everything. I believe money doesn't make the world go round. He says people should always go with the logical path. I say people should go where their heart wonders. He believes as long as people are getting money everything is fine. I tell people as long as your doing what you love your good. He thinks that everything that happens is karma. I always say that everything happens for a reason, karma or not.
  To sum all that up, we don't think the same, we don't act the same, we don't believe in the same things, we don't even like the same things.
  But I mean, we both like basketball. We both believe in God. And we both try to do whats best for others.
  So my dad and I's relationship is a extremely complicated one.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Reality Shows?

  If I stared in a reality show, I would love to be in Atlanta House wives because its the only reality show I ever watched.
  I want to guess star in that show because its famous for having a lot of events in the show. They have a few nice parties, some fun get-together, and they go on some pretty nice vacations.
  Not only are the events nice, but also because there are a lot of famous people on the show. Like Nene stared on Glee for a few episodes. Cynthia is a famous model. And Candy makes her own plays. Also, Kenya played in a few movies with famous actors and actresses.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Life As A Song..

  If I had to define myself in a song, it would have to be Refill by Elle Varner.
  I chose that song not only because its an amazing song, but I feel a deep connection to that song. In the song she meets a guy, she has the time of her life with him, he gave her excitment, but at the end when she had to leave she realized that the night she had was a once in a lifetime event.
  I have a deep connection with this song and I believe this song is the story of my life. I had many experiences like this and I know how she felt in the song. Sometimes you just want a refill on the night. I mean you just want to live that night again, but we soon realize you can't.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If I Could Fall In Love With Any Character On Tv, It Would Be.....

  If I could fall in love with any 5 characters on a television show or movie it would have to be:

  1. Percy Jackson- Logan Lerman.
He's my number one because first of all hes cute, secondly he is a leader and always trys to do the right thing (not for himself but for others) even if its not the easiest choice. Lastly he can control water... Thats bonus points just for that.

  2. Charlie- Logan Lerman.
Okay. Yes Logan again but i aways loved him and I chose the character second because he's from my favorite movie. He's a mess but has a big heart and can really love with it. Not only that, Charlie is extremely sweet and caring. He just has a bad childhood.

  3.Stiles Stilinski- Dylan O'Brien
Yep. Another really cute one, but also I would fall in love with him because he is charming, witty, strong, loyal, and also will stick with you no matter what happens. So of course he's my top 3.

  4.Thomas- Dylan O'Brien
Yeah Dylan again. But I would fall for Thomas because hes extremely strong and will risk anything for for something he cares about. And I respect that a lot. Hes very charming, smart, and loyal. Plus Thomas is really cute and born a leader.

  5. Noah Calhoun- Ryan Gosling
One- Hes cute
Two- When he loves... He loves deeply
Three- Hes the type you live your whole life with.

Friday, April 10, 2015

What I'm Proud of?

  I hate to admit it, but my generation is probably one of the most ungrateful in years. We complain about the stuff others would die for.
  Most kids complain about their parents, but I'm proud to have mine in my life. And thats real. Other kids complain about how their siblings annoy them, but I know some kids that would kill to have sibling to talk to.
  Another thing Im proud of is being blessed to have a choose in my life. For example: some kids in other countrys don't get to choose who they marry or even a choice to countine their education. And im very thankful that i do.
  Im proud to have a loving family and friends, to be able to choose the path i want to take in the future, to live another day.
  And I believe other should stop and think what they have that money can't buy. They should be very thankful and stop complains all the time. Maybe even give thanks that yoy have what others never will.
  Thats Just Life.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Two Biggest Pet Peeves

  Who doesn't have at least one pet peeve? I mean I have about 20 I can list right off the bat. But my biggest pet peeve will have to be, when you ask someone a simple question and they answer everything BUT your question. Or, when they give you an unwanted 10 minute story.
  For example: When I ask my friend if they ever went to a party and they tell me about how much they love partys instead of saying if they went or not. Like i didn't ask if you like parties, I asked if you went to one... Another example is when I ask my sister if she likes a guy and she tells me about every guy who likes her. I mean thats good to know but it doesnt answer my question. I just hate when people do that.
  Another big pet peeve I have is when I go to school or like out with friends earlier that 12pm and they comment on how bad I look. First of all im defiently not a morning person, so don't expect me to look decent until around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Also, if you see im having a bad hair day or multiple bags under my eyes, please don't point it out to everyone. That's one thing I just cant stand. Not only is it embarrassing, but also rude. I know im not the only one who feels this way.